Connecting the Dots

This is where we will share strategies, tips and insights on how you can align your organization for success.

Coach Your Employees Beyond the Annual Review

According to the International Coach Federation, less than 10% of managers coach their employees both formally and informally on a regular basis. If the employee is lucky, the manager may have some discussions with the employee to check in as the year progresses. This...

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Facilitate Self Insight with Coaching

When I was a child, my father would often give me advice and coaching.  Sometimes I would take his advice and it would yield great results.  More often I didn’t take his advice because as much as he was well intended, I didn’t think he really knew the answer for my...

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Multi-rater Feedback

360 assessments and multi-rater feedback have become a common tools for helping executives improve self-awareness and clarify development goals.  However, our clients are often frustrated when 360 assessments identify development opportunities that are not directly in...

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