Leading Change and Driving Performance

Setting direction for an organization is hard work.  Successfully managing change and driving performance in your organization to achieve the goals of that direction is even harder.  Using our TandemPerform Framework, we work with our clients to help ensure that their organizations take direction from three important driving forces to successfully manage through times of change.

Comprehensive Solutions

The TandemPerform Framework provides the guidance to establish a clear connection between your organization’s foundational drivers (Vision, Values, Strategy) and your employee’s primary activities.  These foundational elements, and their role in driving successful organizational change and ongoing performance, are described in more detail below.

Vision Drives Capabilities

Your vision sets the target for where you want your organization to be in several years.  To deliver on the promise of that future vision you’ll need to develop a workforce with new skills and abilities.  We work with clients to help define their vision and then determine the clearly defined set of skills and abilities the workforce will need to help make that vision reality.  Our TandemCompetencies™ library contains several thousand capability statements we have developed with our clients over the past decade.  This library allows our clients to quickly put together a set of skills and abilities that align with their vision.

Values Define Culture

Ask someone to describe the culture in their organization and you’ll frequently get a series of vague references to the way people tend to get along.  However, if you are truly going to drive culture in your organization, you need specifics.  We work with clients to help define a clear set of values that will underpin their organization’s culture.  Then we define a set of behaviors that help bring those values to life and help employees understand how to “walk the talk.”  Our TandemCompetencies™ library allows our clients to to quickly put together a behavioral model that clearly defines their culture.

Strategy Determines Accountabilities

Your organization’s strategy defines which customers you will serve, what products and services you will offer, and how you will measure success.  In order to deliver on the goals of your strategy, employees need clearly defined accountabilities and a solid understanding of how delivering on their accountabilities will help the company succeed.  We work with our clients to “connect the dots” between strategy and day-to-day operations to ensure employees have a clear understanding of how their work is connected to the overall success of the organization.

TandemPerformTM Online Platform

Our web-based application brings together multi-rater assessments, ongoing feedback, dynamic goal updating and regularly scheduled performance discussions  to help managers reinforce the connection between your organization’s overall direction and the daily activities and behaviors of your employees.

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