Aligning Priorities


This course explores the challenges that many professionals face in managing their time and reviews a number of basic tools that can help improve effectiveness and productivity. The course emphasizes the need to align personal priorities with corporate objectives to help leaders make progress on delivering clear results.

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Leadership Challenge

Leaders are bombarded with a high volume of work and multiple priorities. To deal with this, they tend to respond to requests rather than proactively define their agenda and execute on it:  They work hard, but not necessarily on the right things.

Intended Audience

Managers who are seeking practical strategies to better align work efforts with broader goals and lead their teams to accomplishing those priorities.

Course Description

This course helps leader define the challenges that are blocking them from managing their time effectively and productively. Participants will use several assessments to gain insights into their specific challenges associated with aligning the work with broader goals and impediments to then executing that work.

Each Participant Will

  • Assess how you use your time for overall alignment with broader priorities and how effectively you manage your time to complete those priorities.
  • Identify time barriers and use proven techniques to eliminate and/or minimize barriers to effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Learn how to use the Align, Plan and Prioritize model to lead your team to focus on the right things at the right time and get them done.
  • Learn to take control of your email inbox with an email triage system that helps you to be responsive and efficient in dealing with the volume of emails.


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