Behavioral Interviewing


Behavioral Interviewing will help participants learn important techniques for evaluating a candidate’s ‘fit’ with the job and the organization to help ensure a successful match of skills and culture.


Leadership Challenge

Managers struggle with employees who have attitudinal or behavioral issues and often say that won’t make that mistake again in the hiring process. Yet, they most often focus on assessing candidates for skills and knowledge and miss the opportunity to evaluate how well the candidate ‘fits’ with their team and organizational culture.

Intended Audience

Managers who want a specific guidelines and tools to hiring for personal characteristics and behavioral competencies.

Course Description

This course helps participants learn how to look beyond the basic requirements of a job and find people that will upgrade the quality of the workforce so that each new hire helps “raise the bar” on performance. Participants learn to clearly define their needs prior to reviewing candidates and practice using Behavioral the l Interviewing Technique to help make better hiring decisions.

Each Participant Will

  • Understand how behavioral interviewing is integral to the overall interview process.
  • Identify the job requirements and questions to assess the candidate’s ability to do the job.
  • Become skilled in the behavioral event interview technique.
  • Use the 5 types of probing questions to get the right level of detail from your candidate to effectively evaluate them.