High Performing Teams


This course provides a simple and practical framework for analyzing and strengthening your team’s performance.


Leadership Challenge

Creating and sustaining high levels of team performance requires a knowledge and comfort with the components for successful teams. Often, managers are unsure what is contributing to their team’s performance, both good and bad.

Intended Audience

Managers who want to get use a proven framework to evaluate your team’s effectiveness and take action to strengthen overall performance.

Course Description

This course provides an overview of the six components to develop and sustain a high performing team. Participants will complete an assessment of an existing team and learn how to apply proven strategies to create an environment that will help their teams flourish.

Each participant Will

  • Assess their team’s strengths and areas for performance improvement using Tandem Solutions’ Team Assessment.
  • Describe the six components of high performing teams and the actions needed to strengthen their team.
  • Understand the phases of team development and the various roles team members might play during each phase.