Delegation to Develop


This course helps you understand how to use delegation as a tool for developing your employees.


Leadership Challenge

Managers are often overwhelmed with work so they approach delegation as an exercise in efficiency of getting the work done rather than thinking about it as an opportunity to develop their employees and achieve higher levels of engagement and productivity.

Intended Audience

Managers who want to capitalize on their employee’s passions, strengths and development needs to maximize the contributions and help them achieve greater levels of performance.

Course Description

This course helps leaders consider their employee’s passions, strengths and development needs when delegating to facilitate engagement and outcomes that result in success for both the business and the employee. Motivation theory provides an underpinning to balancing delegation with an employee’s intrinsic drivers.

Each Participant Will

  • Complete a Delegation Assessment to gain insight into strengths and areas for development in delegation.
  • Unearth the passions and talents of employees to best understand the opportunities that will facilitate engagement and successful outcomes.
  • Review basic motivation theory and describe how to apply it along with the pitfalls and obstacles to avoid.
  • Flex your leadership style to support employees at different levels of expertise to grow and develop.