Leader As Coach (Corporate)

Overview Video:

Organizations are demanding more from all of their employees to achieve results in a virtual business environment.  The most successful leaders are adopting a coaching style to help their employees improve their ability to work independently and achieve breakthroughs in performance.




Course Description

This course helps leaders to make the transition to a coaching mindset and practice.  It enables learners to understand what it means to coach team members both in person and virtually, inspiring confidence in each of them to reach new levels of performance.  Learners will apply the coaching with development conversations, with low performers, high performers and in-the-moment situations.  Participants will attend three small group coaching sessions led by a Tandem Solutions’ expert facilitator that will provide the learner the opportunity to debrief their coaching conversations and identify how to adjust their approach to be successful in their environment.

This is a 10 week program that includes the following:

  • Our coaching pre-assessment to help you identify your coaching strengths and development opportunities
  • 8 online self-study videos
    • What coaching is
    • Why coaching is effective
    • Critical Coaching Skills
    • The COACH process
    • Coaching for Development
    • Coaching the low performer
    • Coaching the high performer
    • Coaching in the moment
  • Video role-plays demonstrating how to apply the COACH process in multiple situations
  • Online learning self-assessments to provide feedback on how well you understand the material
  • Learning prompt worksheets to encourage reflection and deepen understanding
  • TandemTools to provide specific guidance in applying the COACH process in different situations
  • Three small group coaching sessions with a certified TandemCoach to help you better apply the COACH framework on your team

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