Leading Projects


Interdisciplinary projects are more and more common and effective leaders must develop their skills for motivating a project team and managing stakeholders to help their projects succeed.


Leadership Challenge

Projects often fail to live up to their potential because leaders don’t set proper direction for teams and stakeholders and often neglect the importance of building the ongoing support needed for success.

Intended Audience

 Managers who are leading complex projects involving people from across multiple parts of an organization.

Course Description

This course provides participants with a disciplined approach to kicking off and leading projects. It lays out a standardized approach to providing appropriate management information to all key stakeholders during a project’s life cycle. The tools and techniques introduced will help keep projects on track to meet customer, time, and budget goals.

Each participant Will

  • Understand the importance of setting clear expectations for a project.
  • Use a “Project Brief” to clearly define the scope, outcomes, and major deliverables for a project.
  • Practice developing a project plan for a current project.
  • Identify key stakeholders for a project and a plan for managing them.
  • Understand how to integrate change management principles into a project approach.

Course Syllabus

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