Transforming Meetings into Group Problem Solving


This course will help you transform your meetings into productive group problem solving sessions using essential facilitation frameworks and tools.


Leadership Challenge

Leaders spent countless hours in meetings, only to find that they need to do their ‘real’ work after the meetings. Why not make the meeting time more productive and get the work done there?

Intended Audience

Leaders who want to get engage their team in idea generation, problem solving and the creation of great solutions.

Course Description

This course provides participants with tips for planning, conducting and following up to make the most out of meetings. Participants will practice conducting a meeting with difficult people to begin to master effective facilitation. The group decision-making approach introduced will help participants use meetings to drive closure on issues efficiently.

Each participant Will

  • Evaluate your current practice with meetings and how effectively it helps to engage the team.
  • Describe the Open, Focus, Close Model to use for turning meetings into effective idea generation and problem solving sessions.
  • Gain an understanding of effective facilitation techniques to use to engage the team and achieve desired outcomes.
  • Identify characteristics of difficult players and tips for working with them to achieve meeting objectives.