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Crossing the Chasm

Crossing the Leadership Chasm

Making the Transition from Individual Contributor to Leader

Why is the transition from individual contributor to manager such a challenging process? Our research of recently promoted managers identifies five specific challenges that new mangers struggle with.

Reading time: 20 minutes

Aligning Incentives

Aligning Incentives

Creating a Performance-Based Culture in Your Organization

Driving organizational culture is hard work. Our research shows that for leaders to succeed, they must find a way to define the desired culture in a way that all employees can understand. We have identified four specific skill sets that leaders need to successfully execute our strategy.

Reading time: 20 minutes

This Is Why I Hired You

This is Why I Hired You

Why Most Talent Management Programs Fall Short

Companies are missing an important opportunity to reinforce and strengthen their talent management process. Effective onboarding programs help address this gap. Our research on why most talent management programs fall short, identifies seven specific skill sets that new managers need to develop employee’s personal success and the success of the company.

Reading time: 20 minutes

What if Fortune has it Wrong

What if Fortune has it Wrong?

The Best Place for Whom?

When employees are performing at their best, the organization reaps the rewards, but there is a distinction between employees that are “well motivated” and “happy.” Our research of the “Best Companies to Work For” identifies three specific skill sets that leaders need to build a culture where employees love coming to work.

Reading time: 20 minutes

Mayo Clinic

What Makes The Mayo Clinic … “The Mayo Clinic”?

How Commitment to Culture has Helped to Create One of Healthcare’s Best Brands

The Mayo Clinic has established itself as a one of the most successful healthcare provider organizations in the country. They have created a culture that is well positioned to navigate the challenges of a number of today’s market dynamics. Our research identifies three primary factors that have helped the Clinic create an enduring brand.

Reading time: 20 minutes

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