Transitioning to Leadership

One day course that addresses key challenges that new leaders face as they transition from an individual contributor to a management role.


Program Highlights

  • Understand the importance of both leadership and management and how to achieve a style that balances both.
  • Defining long term priorities, aligning your schedule and team with them and staying focused on achieving your objectives.
  • Communicating effectively with your team through well structured team meetings and other formats.
  • Developing a transparent leadership style that helps team members understand not just what to do but why it is important.
  • Using delegation to develop team members in addition to helping manage workloads.
  • Building a network of peers and other executives who can help support you as a leader.

Flexible Delivery Approach

This program is offered as a Full-day classroom session delivered by a Tandem Solutions Facilitator or Certified Client Instructors.

Certification Program

The trainer certification for Transitioning to leadership is an intense, two day program that provides trainers with the depth and breadth of knowledge they need to effectively lead the course for their participants. The certification program includes:

  • A detailed overview of the course curriculum.
  • Practice leading several key activities in the course.
  • Review of critical reference materials that provide background on the methodologies and tools used in the program.
  • Detailed instructor materials to assist trainers in delivering the course

Following the certification program, a Tandem Solutions facilitator observes each certified trainer during his first program delivery and provides specific feedback to help enhance the delivery approach. Tandem facilitators are also available for ongoing coaching by phone on an as needed basis.  This “high touch” approach to trainer certification helps prepare training professionals for managing the course delivery and adapting the content appropriately to suit the needs of their audience.

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