Jan McCafferty

Managing Director

Jan co-founded Tandem Solutions in 2002.  Her work focuses on organizational planning, managing transitions, executive coaching and designing and implementing competency based learning and performance management systems.  Using evidence based leadership concepts as the foundation, she has consulted with hundreds of leaders to provide them with practical advice, tools and templates so that they may adapt them to their unique culture for best results.

Jan has planned and conducted many retreats for teams to plan for their future while engaging their team in the process.  Using engaging facilitative techniques, Jan has helped her clients clarify what (priorities) they need to accomplish and how (values/behaviors) they will need to make it happen.  Once this has been articulated, Jan provides coaching and advice to help leaders successfully carry out the plan.

She is the former Director for HealthCare Services at Linkage, Inc. and a seasoned veteran of Andersen Consulting (now Accenture). At Andersen Consulting, Jan developed an organization change methodology and approach that was rolled out as a global standard for Patient Centered Care engagements for the World Wide Healthcare Team. As a practice leader at Linkage, Jan led the development and implementation of a Competency Based Learning System that empowered leaders to actively engage in their learning process and adapt those skills to their environment.

Her learning systems and performance management systems for the healthcare industry have been recognized by the Joint Commission for the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations for their innovative approach to developing hospital workforces. These nationally recognized programs have formed the basis for the Tandem Solutions Longitudinal Learning approach to developing excellent talent development systems.

Jan is a former President of the Board for the Visiting Nursing Association of Middlesex East and former member of the Leadership Council for the MA/NH Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association.  She has been certified as a Myers Briggs Type Assessor, Emotional Intelligence Certified Practitioner, and Associate Coach from the International Coaching Federation.  She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing from Georgetown University and her MBA from the University of Hartford.

Joe McCafferty

Managing Director

Joe co-founded Tandem Solutions in 2002.  He is a former practice leader at Accenture, and corporate officer at Fidelity Investments, and several small technology startups, where he led significant change efforts in a variety of organizational settings. His expertise lies in complex organizational change, human performance systems, and leadership assessment and training.

As a consultant, Mr. McCafferty has led several large organization change efforts in Fortune 100 companies and large government and non-profit agencies, achieving cost savings as high as $100 Million and tenfold improvements to operational efficiency. His work developing an Information Technology Governance model and risk management approach for the State of California won an award for outstanding thought leadership in IT Management from the National Association of State Information Resource Executives.

As a corporate officer at Fidelity Investments, Mr. McCafferty transformed the company’s approach to developing new products by combining resources from 3 departments into a new organization with overall responsibility for the entire new product lifecycle from market analysis through rollout. He has also led 2 successful turnarounds in small high-tech companies as a Vice President and General Manager. In both cases, Mr. McCafferty’s teams sustained quarterly revenue growth of over 30%, and led to the successful sale of both companies.

Mr. McCafferty has authored a number of papers on creating effective operational models in healthcare, including:  “It’s Healthcare, not Sickcare:  finding ways to improve the US healthcare system” and “Putting the Patient First:  How a Simple Concept has Helped the Mayo Clinic Build One of Healthcare’s Great Brands.”

Mr. McCafferty routinely provides Coaching to executive leaders. He has been a featured speaker at both national and international conferences, and has led numerous executive level retreats to build leadership teams.  He has served as an appointed Director for the Harvard Alumni Association, chairman of the Harvard Alumni Association’s Continuing Education Committee, chairman of the Alzheimer’s Association of Massachusetts and New Hampshire, and member of the Alzheimer’s Association National Board of Directors.

Joe received his Bachelor’s Degree in Cognitive Psychology from Harvard University.  He is certified to deliver and interpret several assessment instruments, including the Hogan series, Myers Briggs Type Indicator, and DISC.  He is graduate of the Rayner Institute Self-Actualized Coach and Mentor Program and an International Coaching Federation Associate Certified Coach.

Chris Carter


Chris Carter has spent his career helping individuals and companies achieve their potential. Chris has advised executives and managers at start-ups, mid-sized, and larger companies on a wide range of issues including innovation, strategy, management and leadership.

Prior to joining Tandem Solutions, Chris spent over 2 decades as a consultant with Monitor Company, Innosight, as well as his own firm, Innovative Ventures. He also spent several years as a venture capital partner at Sherbrooke Capital (an early stage fund focused on the health and wellness industry) and Jarvinian Ventures (an early stage fund investing in wireless technology and infrastructure).

Chris has worked with the senior teams in several client organizations to help them better articulate their innovation strategies and deliver considerable revenue growth.  As part of that process, he has coached executives to help them better incorporate new concepts into their leadership styles and build more effective teams.  He has helped several companies through turnaround processes that identified root causes for revenue decline and determined the path toward growth. In these cases, he helped executive teams develop and implement new policies and procedures that were in alignment with the growth strategy, manage the change process, and reverse sales declines.

Chris has been involved in building and coaching executive teams of numerous early stage companies through their creation and rapid early growth. This has required him to understand and manage a wide range of group dynamics, interpersonal interactions and leadership styles.

Chris has taught numerous executive seminars on leading to create innovation. He has helped executives at all levels understand the critical components of innovation and how these components can be incorporated into their leadership and management practices.  He received his Bachelor’s Degree in the History of Science from Harvard College and his MBA from Harvard Business School.  He is a graduate of American University’s Leadership Coaching for Organizational Performance program, a certified TandemCoachTM and is working toward Associate Coach Certification with the International Coaching Federation.

John Fleming

Chief Technology Officer

John Fleming has been the Chief Technology Officer for Tandem solutions since 2008.  He manages the Tandem Solutions global development and technology team. He is the principal architect for the Tandem Solutions cloud-based platforms including TandemPerform and TandemLead.

John earned a B.S. with concentrations in Political Science and Computer Science from Salem State College in Salem, MA. He started his career as a software engineer.  He has worked in large multi-nationals, enterprise software companies and startups. He has also worked across a range of industries from high tech to book publishing.  He has done most of the jobs in a technology company including development, sales, marketing, and services. John was a founder of MetaSolv, an enterprise software company which went public in 1999.

John is a member of Rotary International and a Paul Harris Fellow. John speaks regularly on social technology and marketing. He has served as an advisor and instructor at the Pino Global Entrepreneurship Center at Florida International University and as a mentor at StartUp FIU.

Kris McCrea


Kris partners with her clients to create meaningful and sustainable change for themselves and their organizations to bring more joy into the workplace, improve communication, and streamline how work gets done. She does this through powerful one-on-one executive leadership coaching, team coaching, and practical process improvement. She uses mindfulness techniques to remind each client they are above all a human being first.

Kris partners with a diversity of clients, including family owned businesses, physician leaders, and leaders at all levels of development. She assists family owned businesses in realizing their vision when transferring leadership to the next generation.  She helps leaders transform their leadership capacity to lead the way for others and develop a highly engaged team who can achieve the results they desire.

Kris has an extensive a 30-year career in healthcare delivering care to patients, supporting clinicians through technological changes, implementing new care delivery models, and using data to inform process improvement. While working in the MaineHealth System as a Vascular Interventional Radiology Technologist, she led the implementation of a $7M digital storage system. She bridged the communication gap between IT and clinician teams, and supported hundreds of medical professionals in their development of new skills and confidence as they moved from a film-based environment to a digital acquisition and storage environment.

As a credentialed trainer for EPIC, she helped several groups navigate the use of an electronic medical record more effectively in the exam room with their patients. She also developed a practice improvement program to support practices in leadership development and methods to improve their patient and staff experience.

As an experienced coach, speaker, facilitator and trainer, she has developed and conducted trainings locally, regionally and presented nationally. Kris is an active member of the Forbes Coaches Council and has contributed to several articles published on

Kris is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through the International Coaching Federation as well as a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching.  She is also certified in several methodologies and assessments including Conversational Intelligence ®, Genos Emotional Intelligence, Energy Leadership Index, Dartmouth Clinical Microsystems, Lean Design for Healthcare and Team Strategies and Tools to Enhance Performance and Patient Safety.

Stewart Putnam


Stewart Putnam supports organizations in strategic repositioning, change management, leadership coaching, focus group facilitation and board development.

Stewart led a 36-year career in healthcare administration. Most recently, he served as president of the Health Care Services Division at Unity Health System in Rochester, New York, where he worked with Unity’s CEO and board to engineer its merger with Rochester General Health System to form Rochester Regional Health.

Previously, Stewart was president and CEO of St. Mary’s Hospital in Rochester after serving as senior vice president for Inpatient Services and COO, vice president for Ambulatory and Physician Services, administrative director for Surgical Services and Ambulatory Services, and executive director of Westside Health Services.  As president and CEO of St. Mary’s, Stewart was crucial to crafting the affiliation that restructured Park Ridge Health System and St. Mary’s Hospital to create Unity Health System. Stewart was also instrumental in developing community services in inner city Rochester, for which St. Mary’s received the prestigious Foster G. McGaw Prize in 1996.

As a coach, Stewart has worked with a number of senior executives on improving both their organization and team performance.  His focus has been on helping executives articulate clear strategic direction for their organizations and helping managers find new ways to approach staff to help ensure an engaged workforce and positive work environment.

Stewart served as chair of the national board of the Alzheimer’s Association from 2014 through 2016, where he led the transformation of the organization’s federation model into a single, unified, nationwide organization to help it reach its vision of creating a “World Without Alzheimer’s.”  He holds a BS from the Pennsylvania State University and served in the United States Army for 4 years.  He is a BoardSource Certified Governance trainer and certified TandemCoachTM.  He is currently working toward Associate Coach Certification with the International Coaching Federation.

Nancy Schmidt


Nancy has led, managed and coached individuals and teams for over 35 years within healthcare settings.  She is known for her engaging, collaborative, and outcome-based approach, facilitating teams and individuals to move from good to great in their performance.

Nancy is a former Senior Vice President for the Spaulding Rehabilitation Network and Partners Healthcare. In this role, she brought together groups with diverging and competing interest to create a win-win vision for how to work together and achieve a set of unified goals.  Nancy’s teams built strong relationships with referring hospitals and physician groups and helped successfully drive  a 5 fold expansion of the Spaulding Rehabilitation Network over the course of 10 years.

As a coach, Nancy has worked with a number of emerging and experienced leaders to improve their performance.  Her focus has been helping senior executives more clearly articulate their vision and share it with their teams.  She has also worked with a number of emerging leaders to help them define their career direction and pursue opportunities to help them realize their goals.  

Nancy earned a Master’s Degree in Science at Central Missouri University in the field of Social Work.  She is the co-editor of two books, “Outcome-Based Rehabilitation” and “Staff Development and Clinical Intervention in Brain Injury Rehabilitation.” She has led workshops and specialized training on the role and impact of teamwork in the healthcare setting on clinical outcomes.

Nancy is certified in the ELI Energy Assessment Tool.  She is a certified TandemCoachTM  , a Certified Professional Coach with the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, and is working towards certification as an Associate Coach with the International Coaching Federation. 

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