Difficult Conversation


In this course,  participants learn a structured approach to managing difficult conversations and develop their ability to prepare for and conduct a difficult performance conversation with an employee.


Leadership Challenge

Handling performance breakdowns is a coaching skill that is viewed as a difficult action when in fact it is an opportunity for you and your employee to better understand what is getting in the way and this is just one more conversation in the process of continuous improvement.

Intended Audience

Managers who want to strengthen their confidence and competence when they need to have a coaching conversation when dealing with performance breakdowns.

Course Description

This course enables participants to practice giving feedback using a difficult conversations model.  It provides tips on the common traps and pitfalls to avoid and provides a structured template to help leaders frame the conversation to address specific performance issues proactively.  Finally, the course introduces the concept of going beyond structured feedback sessions to developing coaching relationships in which constructive feedback is provided on a more continuous basis to help employees excel.


Each Participants Will

  • Draw on the coaching relationship with employees to frame the conversation for performance improvement.
  • Become familiar with how to structure the conversation to best address the person’s identity, what needs to be said and how manage emotions.
  • Identify the common traps and pitfalls and strategies to address them.
  • Prepare for and practice a performance breakdown conversation.