Managing Conflict


This course helps build an understanding of the various responses to conflict and how to manage them.


Leadership Challenge

Addressing conflict for many managers is extremely stressful. When this happens, the brain puts us into fight or flight. While these reactions may be helpful sometimes, leaders need more effective strategies for dealing with conflict.

Intended Audience

Managers who are seeking to understand and resolve conflict on their teams in the most effective ways.

Course Description

This course leverages the Thomas-Kilmann conflict modes assessment to provide an objective understanding of conflict.  Participants will then learn to use  a structured process to help identify the root causes of conflicts and resolve them effectively.

Each participant Will

  • Review the reasons for conflict.
  • Review the key concepts of the Thomas-Kilmann conflict management approach.
  • Understand the pitfall of common approaches to managing conflict.
  • Review a process for proactively resolving conflict by identifying competing interests vs. maintaining positions.
  • Become familiar with how to analyze a conflict and apply a structured approach to resolving it.