Navigating Change


This course will help you understand the common phases of an individual’s response to change so that you may better understand your own response and that of your team.


Leadership Challenge

Change is complex, fast and often overwhelming. This puts leaders in a difficult place to sort through their own response to the change while simultaneously advocating for and leading change with their teams.

Intended Audience

Leaders who need a better understanding of how change impacts individuals and what that means for effectively leading change.

Course Description

This course help you to understand your own response as a leader to better facilitate change in your organization. This course provides a proactive approach for how to move through the phases of individual change and strategies to lead your team effectively.

Each Participant will

  • Identify the phases of individual response to change, and how it impacts your effectiveness to lead.
  • Learn proactive techniques for managing the individual change process.
  • Recognize when you are not committed to an organizational change, and how to reconcile that to lead effectively.
  • Understand how to lead others through a change initiative, focusing on their individual response to change.