What is a Great Manager?


This course introduces you to the foundational elements of leadership by describing the difference between management and leadership, how they are integral to your success, and the mind set shift that new leaders must make to continue to advance.


The Leadership Challenge

The manager has many expectations for success. The challenge often lies with balancing how to allocate their efforts on management and leadership activities.

Intended Audience

Leaders who want to balance their management and leadership activities to facilitate operational excellence and engaging their team in change.

Course Description

This course introduces leadership and management concepts that are critical to building a high-performing workforce. During this process, participants learn about a number of key management tools and techniques as well as some common myths and truths about leadership.

Each Participant Will


  • Complete a self assessment to gain insight into the leadership & management activities you balance today and how it is contributing to their effectiveness.
  • Identify effective interventions in common leadership dilemmas that will facilitate the transition to leadership.
  • Begin to understand your own style and habits to become more effective.
  • Identify key insights and commit to actions to enhance leadership effectiveness.