Leadership Training that Gets Results

Most CEO’s think their leaders aren’t developing skills fast enough to drive business goals and traditional training has proven ineffective. Our TandemLead curriculum and LongitudinaLearning approach provide a solution that accelerates learning in a way that feels more natural than traditional training approaches.

Leadership Learning that works

Why do organizations continue to do event based training?  Why not focus on the 70% of learning participants do on the job instead of the 10% they learn during class time?

Our LongitudinaLearning approach moves learning from a training event to an ongoing  process that engages leaders in a learning journey.  It encourages on-the-job practice over a period of time, which provides stickiness to new concepts, skills and accountability for the learner.

Three guiding principles drive our approach to creating a dynamic learning journey:

  • Prepare:  We use pre-assessments  or provocative articles to help participants recognize key areas of development to help them focus their efforts.
  • Engage:  We engage participants in classroom and/or online in an interactive way to make it real and give them application exercises: tools or templates that will help them practice how to use the skills in their unique work environment.
  • Apply & Adapt:  In small group coaching sessions, a Tandem Solutions expert facilitator helps participants debrief what they learned in the application exercise and identify how to best apply the skill in their organization.


I was supposed to leave early to go to another meeting, but I found the coaching discussion so enthralling that I just had to change my calendar so I could stay for the entire session.
Former Program Participant - Fortune 100 Manufacturing Client


Our web-based curriculum brings together interactive online content, a series of focused self-assessments, and application tools and templates to help drive learner accountability and on-the-job application.

Integrated Self-Assessments

Many of our programs feature custom-designed self-assessments that provide an opportunity for participants to reflect on their current work habits and styles.  This reflection helps to drive higher levels of self-awareness and supports conscious efforts to change behaviors.

Practical Tools and Templates

All our programs feature practical tools and templates designed specifically to help participants apply new concepts on the job.  Many of these templates feature analyses that are shared with our facilitators to ensure participants are ready for their coaching sessions.

Small Group Coaching

Our small group coaching sessions help participants reflect on course content and learn how they need to adapt and apply it to help them develop new skills and behaviors.  The peer learning that occurs in these sessions helps participants develop a network of trusted colleagues they can turn to for future coaching and discussion.

Custom Solutions

Our online programs are designed to fit together to create a robust, customized leadership program.  We use our courses as the basis for building custom leadership programs for a number of our clients.  If you are looking for a leadership program that will really help your managers develop, let us put our LongitudinaLearning™ approach to work for you.


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