Coaching that Enables Potential

Our Executive Coaching approach enables us to support executives with the right tools and techniques to help them reach their full potential.


Our initial step helps us envision the potential opportunities that a leader may want to pursue.


Our approach helps define clear places where our expertise will be of most value and explores areas where we can engage with you to create your envisioned future.


By supporting your executives through the change effort, we are able to monitor progress and support mid-course corrections as needed.

Tandem supported a number of our executives through a time of challenging change. Their guidance and facilitative approach really helped our team come together and chart a new future direction.

Kevin Perhamus

President, Winchester Interconnect

Envision Gives Us Direction

During the envision step, we listen and work with you to understand your situation, review your progress against your goals and help determine the opportunities to improve.  We tailor this up front effort to your specific needs and often leverage a number of different self-assessment instruments (Hogans, EQi, MBTI)  during this phase to help build self-awareness

Engaging an Executive is What Drives Change

Our prescriptions for improvement vary based on client need. We work to help leaders improve their understanding of their opportunities, adopt a well thought out approach and drive better results by supporting them throughout the effort.  We leverage our proprietary TandemTools to provide our clients with tangible supports that help them develop new insights and model new behaviors.

Ongoing Excellence is Our Goal

Our unique way of partnering with our clients allows us to take a long term perspective and provide the right amount of support to ensure ongoing improvement in achievement of their ultimate goals.  Our approach allows us to avoid short-term, transaction focused solutions and work with our clients to achieve long lasting change to help them truly excel.

TandemCoach Toolkit

Our coaching approach uses a number of practical and proven tools and templates to help leaders apply the solutions they identify during coaching.  Unlike coaches who may not provide clear plans for follow-up, we engage with our clients guide them to achieve measurable outcomes and hold themselves accountable for results

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