Announcing New Leadership Coaching Courses

Developing staff to help their teams thrive is an ongoing challenge for most leaders. Adapting a coaching approach creates a positive climate where every employee has the opportunity to flourish. The following two new courses supports leaders at all levels to embrace the mindset and behavioral shifts needed to effectively coach their team members.

The Leadership Coaching Mindset

Research demonstrates the traditional command and control leadership style is detrimental to building safe, collaborative cultures, and results. The shift to a leadership coaching mindset embodies collaborative and supportive behaviors to enable individuals and teams deliver exceptional results.

This course identifies the key shifts and five critical skills required of leaders to build the foundation from which to implement the leadership coaching style.

Leadership Coaching in Practice

In our experience leaders view the principles as straightforward and find the challenge lies in changing their behaviors. The secret sauce for implementing this critical mindset and skills is practice, self reflection, and more practice. This course focuses on the specific scenarios where leadership coaching is most effective, and supports you to apply it to your work place. You will use our COACHTM model to frame your conversations and see the immediate, positive impact on your team environment, relationships, and results.

Our LongitudinaLearningTM approach places a heavy emphasis on providing you with the tools and coaching you need to bridge the gap from theory to practice.   We play a facilitative role that supports you to develop new insights and build your confidence and skills to embrace this coaching leadership style. Click the link below to learn more!

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