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Managing Change During Mergers

The Alzheimer’s Association made a strategic decision to merge all of its separately incorporated chapters into a single, nationwide organization. This required creating alignment among 47 independent organizations and managing the challenges associated with wide-scale change.

Building Leadership Depth

A large, multinational Aerospace and Defense company had a large group of frontline and mid-level managers that had been promoted for their technical competence.  To advance in their careers, they needed to develop a clear understanding of the role as a leader, and how to apply critical leadership concepts with their teams.

Building Leadership Depth

Train the Way Adults Learn

A large university was investing in a group of leaders but was unsure what content was most important.  There was also concern that the leaders had been overwhelmed during the COVID 19 pandemic and needed support for their own health and the health of their teams.

Coaching for the Team

A Boston area hospital was having a considerable challenge with the culture of one of its clinical units. The clinical team had experienced a high degree of turnover and an influx of new, less experienced team members. They struggled with trusting one another, which led to breakdowns in collaboration for delivering the best patient care.

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