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Joe McCafferty

Tandem Solutions Named Top Talent Management Provider

We are proud to announce that Tandem Solutions has been named a Top Ten Talent Management Solutions Provider by HR Tech Outlook Magazine. For over 20 years, Tandem Solutions has worked with its clients to improve their leadership bench strength.   “We…

Tandem Solutions Manage HR Award 2022

Tandem Solutions Named Change Management Company of the Year

We are proud to announce that Tandem Solutions has been named Change Management Company of the Year by Manage HR Magazine. For over 20 years, Tandem Solutions has worked with its clients to improve their ability to manage change in their organizations.…

Tandem Solutions Named Top Leadership Development Firm

Tandem solutions has been named a top 10 Leadership Development Training firm for 2021 by HR Tech Outlook. Tandem’s unique LongitudinaLearningTM approach provides a unique blend of online training and coaching to engage leaders in their learning journey. “We’re delighted…

Tandem Solutions

Welcome to the New Tandem Solutions Online Presence

Tandem Solutions is pleased to announce the release of its new website! The new site features a new look and feel and provides a better overview of all our services. In addition, we have included a number of updates to…

Virtual Workplace Series Part 3: Stop the Zoom, I have to Get Off!

The constant onslaught of video calls (Zoom, BlueJeans, Google, Teams, etc) can make it seem like you're spending all day, every day glued to yout chair and yout screen and struggling to keep up. Short interactions with employees to answer a quick question are becoming scheduled video sessions. So rather than spending 5 minutes at someone's desk, leaders find themselves back to back in 30 minute video calls. While this might work in short bursts, this behavior pattern just isn't sustainable over the long term.

Virtual Workplace Series Part 2: Your Online Presence

Video meetings are becoming commonplace with virtual workforces. As you start conducting more and more business online via video calls, it's important to think about how you "show up" to these meetings. Working virtually provides us with an opportunity to think about how we can shape our personal brand and the image we project to the world.

Virtual Workplace Series Part 1: Creating a Productive Environment

One of the biggest challenges with making the transition to working from home is finding the way to separate work life from home life. When you work in an office, this is simple: work happens at the office, and home happens, well, at home. However, physically changing your work location to your house or apartment brings a new set of challenges and it can become hard to separate work and home.

Tandem Solutions featured in Corporate Vision Magazine

Managing change and building a strong work culture is always a challenge within a company. Realizing that most companies did not have the capacity to lead significant change, Jan and Joe McCafferty started Tandem Solutions, certain that there were better…

Managing Director Joe McCafferty Interviewed by CEO/CFO Magazine

Tandem Solutions unique client support approach captured the attention of CEO/CFO Magazine.  The Magazine recently interviewed Managing Director, Joe McCafferty to understand more about how Tandem Solutions helps clients align operations with strategies for optimal results.  “Unlike typical consulting firms…