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Change Management

We help our clients manage large scale organization change.  Our depth of expertise allows us to be flexible and meet each client where they are to help them achieve their goals.

Communicating During Change Initiatives

We often observe leaders struggling with how to be transparent with their team during times of change. They often feel anxious about how answering questions about change management initiatives. While it might not always be possible to explain “what” is going on, we believe that explaining “why” is usually far more important; and often easier.

Managing Change isn’t Enough, You Also Have to Lead Transitions

In his landmark books about managing change, William Bridges made a distinction between “changes” and “transitions”. According to his definition, a “change” is something that happens. On the other hand, “transition,” refers to the process we go through to learn how to deal with change. Changes can be planned, executed and managed, but transitions require leaders to address the human element of their organizations. We frequently find our clients overly focused on change management and often not paying enough attention to transition leadership.