Building Leadership Depth

Building Leadership Depth

The Challenge

A large, multinational Aerospace and Defense company had a large group of frontline and mid-level managers that had been promoted for their technical competence.  To advance in their careers, they needed to develop a clear understanding of the role as a leader, and how to apply critical leadership concepts with their teams.

The Tandem Solution

After some initial consultation, we created a customized leadership development program that addressed about a dozen important aspects of leadership to make the transition from individual technical expert to leader.  The program provided online self-study with TandemToolsTM to help participants apply new concepts on the job.  Throughout the four-month program, participants were supported through small group coaching sessions to adapt the tools to their unique culture. 

Leadership Development Program

The Results

Several thousand new leaders completed the program over a three-year period.  Participants consistently rated the program high for helping them apply new concepts on the job. The client reported higher levels of performance and a stronger “bench” of potential leaders eligible for promotion within the company.

I was supposed to leave my coaching session for another meeting, but I was so enthralled by the discussion that I just had to stay
— Program Participant

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