Faulkner Hospital

Coaching for the Team

The Challenge

A Boston area hospital was having a considerable challenge with the culture of one of its clinical units. The clinical team had experienced a high degree of turnover and an influx of new, less experienced team members.  They struggled with trusting one another, which led to breakdowns in collaboration for delivering the best patient care.

Coaching for the Team

The Tandem Solution

We provided individual coaching for each discipline leader to strengthen their multidisciplinary leadership teamwork. In parallel, we coached the multidisciplinary clinical team and leaders to understand how to draw on neuroscience, emotional intelligence, and conflict resolution skills to approach conversations with a collaborative mindset and skills. Our coaches helped team members identify gaps and provided them with customized online training and TandemToolsTM to reinforce the coaching process.

The Results

Leaders and team members quickly identified their gaps and learned how to apply collaborative conversational skills across clinical disciplines. This had an immediate impact on their ability to build trust and reenergize a positive culture and climate on the unit that resulted in patient care excellence.

Train the Way Adults Learn

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