Managing Large Scale Change

The Challenge

The Alzheimer’s Association made a strategic decision to merge all of its separately incorporated chapters into a single, nationwide organization. This required creating alignment among 47 independent organizations and managing the challenges associated with wide-scale change.

Alzheimer's Association
Puzzle Pieces

The Tandem Solution

We customized our change methodology to provide a structured approach to change that could be led by the Association’s executives. We then partnered with them to design the new organization and reporting structures to facilitate maximum focus on the Association’s mission. All teams included representation from across the organization and engaged with broad groups of employees for input and review of the new design and structures.

The Results

The Association overcame skepticism that this was a “takeover” effort and successfully built support that the change was necessary to achieve the goals of the organization’s mission. Employee engagement remained strong and the Association continued to grow revenue and improve services to its constituents over a multi-year period of change.

Our Team

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