Train the Way Adults Learn

The Challenge

A large university was investing in a group of leaders but was unsure what content was most important. There was also concern that the leaders had been overwhelmed during the COVID 19 pandemic and needed support for their own health and the health of their teams.

The Tandem Solution

Tandem Solutions created a flexible program based on responses to a participant survey. Participants were broken into small coaching groups and after a common start, each group was empowered to decide what content to address and in what order. The groups were supported with a mix of leadership, emotional, and well-being topics to address their specific needs in this six-month program.

The Results

With the ability to choose what was most important, there was strong buy-in and accountability for learning. Participants developed deep insights into the subject areas and mastered the application of the concepts. Participants also reported the coaching approach led to stronger relationships and a community of support among their peers.

I really enjoyed the format of the program. Specifically, the format of the coaching sessions really encourages the participants to share openly and honestly. It challenged us to grow through practicing during the session and the 30 days thereafter.

The Tandem Coaching Tool helps you rethink the way you manage. It provides you with critical thinking to help you manage complex situations.

I realized that the coaching model can not only solve most of the everyday management issues but can also help leaders to empower their employees (and peers!) and promote growth mindset (vs. fixed mindset). I realized that I shouldn’t always jump into a conversation with the “I can fix it” mode, rather I should allow my team members to benefit from this experience and guide them as they reflect and explore solutions by themselves. Coaching has opened up from a different perspective for me – it is a powerful tool, and I was underestimating it before. I am happy I had a chance to learn more about the coaching model and sharpen my coaching skills as well as build a deep and practical understanding of all the aspects of the “coaching wheel“.

~Program Participants

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