Communicating Effectively


This course helps participants develop compelling presentations, written, and oral communications to best convey their messages to their intended audiences.


Leadership Challenge

Communicating effectively is an important skill for us all to develop. As a leader, you are constantly communicating in both written and verbal forms, with multiple different groups and individuals. In particular, helping your employees understand the importance of their day-to-day work and how it relates to larger scale goals and objectives is a critical skill to develop.

Intended Audience

 Managers who would like to improve their communications skills.

Course Description

Structure communications in a clear, compelling manner. Participants will learn the basics of communication structure, and practice applying the structure to common communications (email, daily conversations, etc.).

Each Participant Will

  • Learn the key criteria important in structured communication.
  • Learn how to craft compelling communications using the 3 P’s framework.
  • Develop better awareness of their own communication strengths and weaknesses.
  • Understand how to tailor their message to senior leaders, peers, and team members.
  • Build confidence in their communications approach through practice sessions.