Leader as Coach


This course helps managers understand what coaching is and how to use it effectively to help team members reach new levels of engagement and performance. This results in employees getting closer to their potential and organizations achieving their goals.  It outlines how to use the COACH process in development conversations, with low & high performers and in-the-moment situations.

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Leadership Challenge

Organizations are demanding more from everyone in their organization to drive change and achieve clear results.  The most successful leaders are adopting a coaching style to help their employees gain self-insights to achieve breakthroughs in performance.

Intended Audience

New to mid-level managers who want to improve their coaching skills to help their team members align with organizational priorities and reach new levels of engagement and performance.

Course Description

This course helps leaders to make the transition to a coaching mindset and practice.  It enables learners to understand what it means to coach team members at every opportunity, inspiring confidence in each them to reach new levels of performance.  Learners will apply the coaching with development conversations, with low performers, high performers and in-the-moment situations.  Participants will attend two small group coaching sessions led by a Tandem Solutions’ expert facilitator that will provide the learner the opportunity to debrief their coaching conversations and identify how to adjust their approach to be successful in their environment.

Each Participant will

  • Complete the Leader as Coach Assessment to gain self-awareness into effective coaching behaviors used currently and where there is opportunity for development.
  • Understand brain science principles to draw on to be an effective coach.
  • Practice using five essential coaching skills to help your team members excel.
  • Explain the five elements of the COACH process in development, with low performers, high performers and in-the-moment situations.
  • Identify ways to integrate coaching into your leadership style.

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