Does Your Performance Management System Improve Performance?

TandemPerform is the only performance management tool developed to help maximize the opportunities represented by your organization’s vision, values, and strategy.  When we looked to find an online solution for implementing strategy, we couldn’t find one, so we built it.

TandemPerform is a web-based application that allows companies to build a completely custom performance assessment approach that evaluates whether an employee’s personal goals and individual performance are in line with the company’s overall business strategy.  All too often we see companies with performance management approaches that are viewed as tedious administrative processes by managers and employees.  Evaluations are written and signed off, but they don’t provide meaningful development feedback that actually helps improve the performance of the workforce.

TandemPerform integrates several best practices for transforming your performance evaluation process into a dynamic approach that better supports ongoing feedback and coaching. TandemPerform brings together multi-rater assessments, ongoing feedback from multiple reviewers, dynamic goal updating, and regularly scheduled performance evaluations to create a streamlined process that emphasizes ongoing coaching and feedback between managers and employees. The flexibility of the tool allows you to implement solutions that simplify the feedback process and more accurately assess employee performance at all levels of the organization. One of our goals for the product design was to streamline the annual performance appraisal process while improving the quality of performance feedback employees receive. The dynamic goal setting & monitoring feature fosters a partnership approach in which employees receive ongoing feedback from colleagues and revise goals throughout the year to better reflect their progress and the needs of the business environment. Use TandemPerform when you need to:

Build a Responsive, Customized Process

Our unique approach to performance survey design allows us to construct completely custom assessment surveys in about the same time and for about the same cost as the off-the-shelf surveys on the market.  Our approach provides:

  • A flexible solution that meets your needs for a fully customized assessment that aligns directly with your corporate values and strategy.
  • Simplicity and speed of implementation
  • Economical options for performance assessments that can be rolled out broadly across your organization.

"Make it stick” with Dynamic Feedback

Unlike typical assessment tools that provide static, point-in-time evaluations, TandemPerform supports the type of ongoing, dynamic feedback leaders are looking for.  Using the tool, leaders can:

  • Set development goals online and request ongoing feedback from their managers and peers.
  • Request quick updates from their feedback team on a regular basis throughout the year.
  • Receive automatic email reminders to update their goal status.
  • Receive short, targeted feedback providing valuable information regarding the leader’s development in specific opportunity areas.

Integrate Multi-Rater feedback

TandemPerform supports multi-rater feedback to allow employees to receive developmental input from a number of peers, direct reports, and others.

Say Goodbye to Outdated Technologies

Unlike many assessment tools, the TandemPerform application was specifically developed as an internet application.  This provides several advantages, including:

  • Full accessibility from any internet-connected device for both participants and administrators.
  • Superior performance from an application designed for the internet.
  • Seamless and simple scalability without the worry of running out of capacity.
  • Data security and backup from a world class data center with 99.9% uptime.

TandemPerform allows you to set up a new performance process in record time, and then monitor results and produce the reports needed to ensure your executives have the feedback they are craving.

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