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360 assessments have become a common tool for helping executives improve self-awareness and clarify development goals.  However, our clients are often frustrated when 360 assessments identify development opportunities that are not directly in line with their company’s strategy or values.  Too many clients rely on externally developed assessments for their 360 evaluations which makes it hard to connect the dots between the 360 feedback and the goals of the organization.  You wouldn’t use someone else’s strategy, so why are you using someone else’s 360 assessment?

Connect the Dots with Tandem360

Our unique approach to survey design allows us to construct completely custom assessment surveys in about the same time and for about the same cost as the off-the-shelf surveys on the market.  Our approach provides:

  • A flexible solution that meets your needs for a fully customized assessment that aligns directly with your corporate values and strategy.
  • Simplicity and speed of implementation – Roll out a broad 360 assessment in less than two weeks!
  • Economical options for 360 assessments that can be rolled out broadly across your organization.
  • Options for self-administration or outsourced management.  Run your own assessments or let us run them for you.

“Make it stick” with dynamic feedback

Unlike typical assessment tools that provide static, point-in-time evaluations, Tandem360 supports the type of ongoing, dynamic feedback leaders are looking for.  Using the tool, leaders can:

  • Set development goals online after reviewing their 360 results and request ongoing feedback.
  • Request quick updates from their feedback team on a regular basis throughout the year.
  • Receive short, targeted feedback providing valuable information regarding the leader’s development in specific opportunity areas.

Say goodbye to legacy applications

Unlike many assessment tools, the Tandem360 application was specifically developed as an internet application.  This provides several advantages, including:

  • Full accessibility from any internet-connected pc for both participants and administrators.
  • Superior performance from an application designed for the internet.
  • Data security and backup from a world class data center with 99.9% uptime.

Tandem360 allows you to set up a new survey in record time, and then monitor results and produce the reports needed to ensure your executives have the feedback they are craving.

Stop Using Someone Else’s 360

Contact us to hear more about how Tandem360 can transform your approach to executive assessment and schedule a demonstration of the online environment.

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