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Health care systems are in crisis across the country and care delivery continues to be fragmented along the continuum with breakdowns in communication occurring frequently. Clinical, executive and administrative staff are experiencing tremendous levels of stress and burnout and patients often find themselves caught in a perplexing maze in their efforts to find the right care. These are all symptoms of the massive change occurring in healthcare and Tandem Solutions is here to help with these complex issues in several ways.

C-suite leaders in health care are facing significant challenges every day, including:

  • Dealing with day-to-day operational and financial challenges
  • Major strategic decisions
  • Complicated relationships with political leaders, board members, physicians, senior managers and staff
  • Knowing when and how to make key leadership changes
  • Determining when it is most appropriate to build consensus among key stakeholders to address problems and when it may be necessary to exercise executive prerogative.

Tandem Solutions offers personalized executive support to C-suite leaders with impartial senior advisors who have extensive experience in health care. We serve as a sounding board and help facilitate difficult decisions. The interdependence of providers across the entire health care continuum has never been more important to enable the efficient delivery of care to patients. Tandem Solutions has the expertise to help health care clients manage the changes necessary to address the impediments of access and flow of patients from acute to post-acute care settings:

  • Hospital and health system strategies ranging from preferred provider strategies to joint venture and acquisition of post-acute providers.
  • Post-acute strategies including connection with upstream referring providers, and strategic decisions to remain independent or enter into joint ventures or acquisition.

Whatever your current situation, if you believe opportunity exists to perform more effectively, Tandem Solutions is here to help!

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