Strategic Influencing


Developing your ability to influence others is a crucial skill as matrix organizations become more and more common.  This course provides a framework for influencing others without hierarchical authority.


Leadership Challenge

Hierarchical organizations are less common than they were in the past, and leaders must learn to build sponsorship for their initiatives by identifying key stakeholders and building support

Intended Audience

Managers who are seeking practical strategies for engaging others and gaining broad support for their initiatives.

Course Description

This course provides a disciplined approach to communicating with and influencing others. The tools and frameworks provided will help participants identify the key stakeholders they need to support their objectives and allow them to practice several techniques for effectively communicating their needs to elicit the needed support.

Each participant Will

  • Understand the concept of directed communications.
  • Understand how to identify the individuals they need to influence to make an initiative successful.
  • Practice using decision-making tools to confirm the best way to recruit support for an initiative.
  • Practice using communications skills to influence decisions more effectively.